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Project Description

Transparent Showcases Advertising Solution

Plug & Play Transparent See-through Solutions, And also interactive transparent LCD showcases with touchscreen, powered by Android with easy 3rd party app integration.


transparent showcase screen

What Sets Our Transparent Solutions Apart ?

Firstly, we make the LED backlights, thus we make the transparent screen by ourself.

Secondly, we have gained solid experience via delivering more than 100 hundred projects with transparent showcase advertising.

Here are the advantages of our solution:

– 3 types of content / video souruces:USB (plug and play video player ), HDMI-in ( line in video from external source ) or Android integrated;

– Full HD and 4K UHD Displays available;

– Solid black pixels on a transparent background offer excellent reveal opportunities;

– Can be customized upon request (branded, custom colours etc);

– Available with or without touchscreen;

– Supports MP4, AVI, MPG, MP2, MP3, AAC and WMA formats

– Industrial Grade Transparent screens for optimum performance and reliability

Standard, Finished Screens Or Openframed For Custom Integration

We not only provide standard, finished transparent showcase screens which are ready to use out of the box, but also we custom develop based on project-specific hardware configuration, mechanical drawings or installation profile in openframe or SKD form for integrations with customer’s fixture & device.


>Available As Non-networked Interactive Player via USB & HDMI-in Or Android Networked
>Available Via Openframe For Custom Fixture Integration (e.g. mounting on fridge) or Framed (finished unit ).
>Video & Touchscreen resolution up to 4K
Model No.DescriptionScreen Diagonal SizeResolutionInterfaceActive Area (mm)Dimensions (mm)
TS10110.1" transparent showcase, Portrait & Landscape, With or Without Touch10.1"1280x800USB & HDMI-in216.96(H) x 135.6(V)TBA
TS11611.6" transparent showcase, Landscape as default, With or Without Touch11.6"1920x1080USB & HDMI-in256.32(H) x 144.18(V)TBA
TS15615.6" transparent showcase, Landscape as default, With or Without Touch15.6"1920x1080USB & HDMI-in / Android344.2(H) x 193.5(V) mm399x248x185
TS18518.5" transparent showcase, Landscape as default, With or Without Touch18.5"1920x1080USB & HDMI-in / Android409.8(H) x 230.4(V) mmTBA
TS21521.5" transparent showcase, Landscape as default, With or Without Touch21.5"1920x1080USB & HDMI-in /Android476.6(H) x 268.1(V) mm518.84x305.21x185
TS31531.5" transparent showcase, Landscape as default, With or Without Touch31.5"1920x1080USB & HDMI-in /Android698.2(H) x 392.4(V) mm755x449x285
TS280028" transparent showcase, Landscape as default, With or Without Touch28"3840x2160USB & HDMI-in / Android620.93(W)×341.28(H) TBA


Our mission is to improve the quality of the clients’ business life with safety, efficiency and peace of mind, via simple customization of our existing product lines or design & development of 100% new products.

Lowest Product Failure Rate, Product Life-circle Support;

Increase productivity and decrease costs;

Peace of mind

Proprietary, modular-base solution with interplay of hardware & software.

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Project Goal Recognition

We understand each customer has their own unique knowledge about industrial smart electronics solution, they may face different challenges, thus have different project requirements with different expectation.

Due to the above, the starting point of our job is to recognize the actual project target, helping our customers address the multiple aspects of the whole project, from installation, user experience to maintenance.


Our product team together with skilled engineers, project managers and customer success executives would engage directly with customer’s cross-functional teams, to obtain the full view of client’s challenge as well as the possible untapped pain, while presenting clients the existing solutions & case studies , thus clients could make better decisions about what they should buy.

Research & Design

We are able to develop the customized hardware and software precisely as per clients confirmed requirements.


We would quickly develop a concept-of-approval prototype to realize what clients need, in order to validate the requirements

Test & Trial

We would implement comprehensive testing via trial production, ensuring zero risk of mass-production failure.

Mass Production & Launch

Mass productions come as carefully planned, informed of our customers, with daily logging data shared so that shipment schedule could be reassured.

What Our Clients Say…

SZ1 makes everything clear, simple and transparent, like plugging us into Shenzhen local resources.

Alex, Yandex

For some people, I’m sure SZ1 is just a side show in their business, but for us, it’s a critical part of our success. We have increased revenue 30% since working with SZ1.”
Ozalp Tozan, Research Lab,  PhD & Technology Director of Atilim University

Ozalp Tozan, Atilim University

SZ1 gives us peace of mind as a great technology partner for the most challenging project with A-brand clients.

Tomar , Creative Director, Outform

SZ1 builds retail display solution for us with every user element modular preset, every project they response rapidly, even if we ask for a change in the last minute… amazing partner.

Greg, Account Manager, Jabra

They analyse and understand our requirements for coffee machine vending kiosk like a doctor, many intractable issues were addressed & recognized before project implementation.

Jacky Wong, Project Manager, Jetinno, Guangzhou

Some Of Exciting Projects We Accomplished Before…

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