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Industrial IoT Devices & Solutions Revolutionizing home automation,retail, utility,healthcare & more

SZ1 has accumulated wide variety of knowledge and experience about internet of things (IoT) through thousands of custom projects. With the basic architecture of Cloud – Channel -Device being the proven mainstream for industrial IoT system, we are able to take advantage of our solid hardware expertise ,app customization and cloud CMS deployment to provide our clients the end-to-end solutions.

We have developed smoke detector, utility alarming system, EV recharging station, vibration monitor of speed reducer, vibration monitor of air compressor, personal positioning in tunnels, shopper engagement analytical facial-recognition camera, smart shelf system, NB-iot GPS tracker…to name a few, IoT is evolving into IoE (internet of everything ), let SZ1 become your product accelerator.

Industrial IoT

A palm sized smoke detector which can be used stand-alone as well as IoT integration.

An alarming system to detect,monitor,and report the power leak, gas leak in the apartment.

Electric Vehicle requires recharging station, especially the electric bicycle, our recharging station can support mobile payment to let bike drivers to buy charing token via smartphone, and charging power will be turned off automatically after the charging is finished to ensure safety, and drivers would get a recharging report instantly.